Power Automation America, Inc. in cooperation with Yaskawa brings new openness with EtherCat Interface

With strategic cooperation, Power Automation America, Inc. will enable its customers to use Yaskawa’s drives and motors.

Hans Platt, President & CEO Power of Automation America, states that now the customer may combine our open and fast PA 9000 Smart Touch Panel CNC with the Yaskawa’s leading solutions. This is done via the EtherCAT interface of the controller.

According to Hans Platt, this cooperative effort, results in a very appealing strategic solution. As Yaskawa, the world market leader, offers the entire range of drive technology, Power Automation is now opening up an optimal product portfolio for its US customers.

PA 9000 closes the gap
With its EtherCAT interface, the PA 9000 CNC is an extremely flexible and powerful CNC control system that meets all requirements for the Industry 4.0.
The outstanding features include openness, simple programming and user-friendliness.
‘Through the partnership with Yaskawa, we are now strategically and optimally positioned in the US and can offer our customers a proven solution’ says Hans Platt.

Would you like to know more about the PA 9000 CNC series from Power Automation?

PA 9000 CNC is now using MTConnect

Future-oriented solution for machine tool manufacturers: The PA 9000 CNC series from Power Automation (PA) is now capable of using the global communication standard MTConnect. PA thus provides its customers with a platform that already meets all requirements for use in Industry 4.0.

The communication solution for Power Automation’s PA 9000 series machine controls was developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology. Atlanta-based “Georgia Tech” is one of the top research facilities in the US. The project was also initiated by the American Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT). The association’s members already use MTConnect as a standard where applicable.

MTConnect: Open source platform for data transfer
Universally applicable technology standard: AMT compares the openness of MTConnect with  universally-enabling attributes found in other standards such as USB. Since the open source platform was initially developed for communication with machine tools, MTConnect is already being used extensively by machine builders in the US. Even some European companies are already using the standard.. MTConnect provides context and is complementary to protocols such as OPC UA and the standard continues to be extended much further than just machine tools.

MTConnect puts an end to the Babylonian language confusion in mechanical engineering. The standard also integrates a number of other open standards, thus ensuring the compatibility of controllers, devices and software applications. MTConnect provides the semantics and meaning to machine data. MTConnect makes processes and systems more transparent and usable for machine-to-machine communication. PA 9000 enables the use of both integral components of MTConnect: MTConnect Adapter as well as the associated MTConnect Agent

The use of the web-based communication solution in the PA 9000 series enables real-time data exchange with all kinds of systems, from factory control systems to robots to enterprise software such as SAP. Power Automation is thus perfecting its future-oriented solution for machine tool manufacturers worldwide. Customers of the innovation leader from Pleidelsheim value the PA 9000 as an extremely flexible and powerful CNC control system that meets all requirements for Industry 4.0.  Its outstanding features include openness, simple programming and user-friendliness.

New California location

Power Automation America announces the opening of a new location in Sun Valley, California.
In order to serve our customers better, we have moved to a larger location and will feature a showroom. This will allow our customers to view the PA FDL – Fadal Turn-Key CNC Replacement in action. Customers will be able to test their own part programs and see how Power Automation can save them money by increasing their productivity, and bring their old Fadal VMC’s up to current standards.

Fadal Turn-Key CNC Replacement

PA_FDL_FrontPanelThe Fadal turn-key CNC replacement includes an operator panel with a 17″ touch screen, sub panel with CNC control and keyboard
assembly with mount and touch pad. The CNC not only has everything you are familiar with on your current Fadal, but we added many more amazing up to date features to give you a whole new CNC to increase productivity!

  • Installs in hours through plug compatible design
  • Runs existing Fadal programs (Format 1 and Format 2)
  • Behaves like a Legacy Fadal CNC
  • Improves performance and productivity
  • Comes with network connectivity as standard

PA 8000 LW

Rel_PA_8000_LWThe PA 8000 LW is an all-round CNC system, suitable for almost any kind of machine tool application. Depending on your needs for software functions the PA 8000 LW is available in 3 Models:

PA 8000 LW PRO (Proffesional)
PA 8000 LW STD (Standard)
PA 8000 LW BAS (Basic)

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PA 9000 Smart Touch Panel CNC

PA_9000_SmartTouchPanelCNC_MillingScreenshotMaximum openness. Extremely fast. Totally different. 
The PA 9000 Smart Touch Panel CNC is a high-performance CNC with passively cooled EtherCAT IPC with latest generation Turbo Boost Intel® i5™ CPU and is suitable for almost all kind of applications. It comes with an 21,5″ HD touch-display and an operator console in 4 variants.

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