Control Panels, I/O Modules & Accessories

Quality. Design. Ease of use. Performance. The PA Smart Touch Panel is a solid, stylish control panel for rough industrial environment.
It comes with a 17″ control panel with latest ProCap Touch function and an operator console.


  • Brilliant and sharp display with 1280 x 1024 resolution
  • Stainless steel frame with glass front
  • Precise Capacitive Touch sensor
  • Multi-finger (ProCap) operation (Windows 7) or single finger operation (Windows XP)
  • IP65 protection class on front side, IP54 on back side
  • Two protected USB 2.0 ports integrated
  • DVI connection and USB 2.0 connection to the IPC through VESA connector
  • Integrated emergency-stop button
  • Integrated start/stop and drive on/off buttons
  • Integrated feed override and joystick
  • Eight switches for custom-specific functions

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The Operator Station Front Panel combines the 15” color TFT display with touch screen, and the machine tool builder’s panel.  Operator switches and buttons including: Emergency Stop, Machine Start, Cycle Start, Feed Hold, 12 general purpose buttons with LED’s, Feed and Speed Override Switches, and Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) in 5V or 24V versions.  The panel is less than 4” deep, 17″ wide, and just over 20″ high.  The connection to the control is via a 50-pin connector, and cables are available in different lengths.

The front panel includes a 2m serial or USB cable for the touch screen, and a power supply with power cord and a 2m VGA cable.


  • Twelve Push Buttons with LED’s
  • Feedrate Override Switch
  • Speed Override Switch
  • Machine ON (white) Pushbutton
  • FEEDHOLD (green) and CYCLE START (red) Pushbutton
  • Manual Pulse Generator (5V or 24V)
  • Prepared Cutout for USB Extension
Options and spare parts
  • Cable 2m, 5m, and 10m
  • MPG 24V, 5V
  • USB Extension with Socket

PASIO is the acronym for Power Automation Slice I/O. The flexible EtherCAT I/Os PASIO combine high functionality with a clever mechanic concept in an extremely compact design and can be combined as required.


  • EtherCAT interface
  • Compact design: width: 12.9 mm, height: 109 mm, depth: 76.5 mm
  • Easy module change by separation of wiring part and electrical part
  • Very fast response time of up to 20 μs
  • Very fast data transfer on the backplane bus of 48 Mbit/s
  • All modules have a simple, space-saving, staircase-shaped wiring level
  • The electronic module is changeable without detaching the wiring
  • The power module is included in the bus coupler
  • PASIO system does not need a terminator
  • The clamp terminal assignment is printed under the labeling strips
  • General isolation from electronic and installation level
  • Galvanic isolation between fieldbus and backplane bus
  • Electrical isolation between fieldbus and input/output level
  • Up to 10 A power supply for total current and up to 3 A power supply for signal and function modules

PAMIO is the acronym for Power Automation Modular I/O. PAMIO modules utilize the PA-Superbus for communication. A Module Box consists of its housing, the PA-Superbus in and out plugs as well as two plug-in-slots for I/O modules. PAMIO modules can be snapped onto DIN-Rails and plugged into each other side by side or connected through optional cables (without additional bus couplers) in any fashion necessitated by the application. This way, I/O modules can be mounted where needed, without the additional cost of bus couplers. Each PAMIO module box has its own watchdog timer for the PA-Superbus, temperature and voltage monitoring as well as corresponding LED displays on the front.


  • Autoconfiguration, easy to install
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 55°C
  • Storage temperature: -20 to 70°C
  • Bustype: parallel fieldbus
  • Topology: Line
  • Access Method: Master-Slave
  • Participants: 1 Master + 31 Slaves
  • Buswidth: 3x 8 Bit
  • Minimum access time: 2μs

The handheld operator station PA MPG100 provides a simple solution to the requirement for remote operator activities.  The dust and waterproof pendant (weighing 650g, or less than 1.5 pounds) comes with a flexible coiled cord that is terminated with a 26-pin round connector. The bulkhead mating connector, a mounting bracket set, and connection diagram are included.  This rugged pendant includes the 100 increments/rev manual pulse generator (MPG or Handwheel), a 6-position axis selector switch, a 3-position feed multiplier switch, 2 white pushbuttons (that illuminate) and the Emergency Stop Pushbutton (push in to lock, twist out to release). The white pushbuttons can be labeled and can be used for axis jogging or another machine functions through programming in the PLC.

This cost effective handheld operator station is available in 4 models. The IO model uses an MPG with 25 PPR and requires 2 (24V) Digital Inputs to create the pulse counter. The MPG in the Encoder model is a 100 PPR differential encoder that requires 5 Volts power, and generates the Channels A, /A, B, /B.   The body of the pendant is about 8.5″ long and about 3″ wide at its top, and about 2.25″ wide at its base.

Power Automation America has prepared a PLC application template that includes the processing of all the MPG inputs and outputs. It is also available for download from our web site.  Additional options shown below are cables with mating connectors attached in 2m, 5m, and 10m lengths for easy installation.

Spare parts for the Handheld Operator Station are available for purchase separately.  Please see Manual for a detailed listing.

Included:  Mounting Bracket Set (800563), Mating Connector 26 pin (800569), Connection Diagram.

List Price:  $695.00 (4m), $818 (5m)

The following versions are available:
Part #800550 (24V, 4m coiled cord)
Part #800557 (24V, 5m coiled cord)
Part #800553 (5V, 4m coiled cord)
Part #800552 (5V, 5m coiled cord)


  • Emergency Stop Switch (push in to lock, twist out to release)
  • Two Lighted Push Buttons
  • 6-Postion Axis Selector Switch
  • 3-Position Resolution Selector Switch
  • Heavy Duty Connector
  • Dust & Water proof (IP65)
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable Aluminum Dial
  • Compact and Light Design
  • Low cost optimal solution

Options and spare parts

  • Cable 2m, 5m, and 10m
    Part #’s 800572, 800573, and 800574
  • MPG 24V, 5V
    Part #’s 800448, 800449
  • Spare Parts

The PA MPG100 PRO is an ergonomic, dust and waterproof handheld panel for remote operator activities.


  • Ergonomic design
  • 3 user buttons
  • Confirmation switch (3 positions)
  • Emergency Stop button (2 channel)
  • Axis selection switch (5 positions)
  • Axis rate switch (5 positions)
  • 100 ppr handwheel
  • Power supply: 24 V
  • Including 3.5 m connection cable
  • Direct plug-in connection to MCP of PA 9000 Smart Touch Panel CNC