The PA 9000 Smart Touch Panel CNC is a high-performance CNC with passively cooled EtherCAT IPC with latest generation Turbo Boost Intel® i5™ CPU and is suitable for almost all kind of applications. It comes with an 21,5″ HD touch-display and an operator console in 4 variants.


  • Brilliant and sharp 21,5” wide screen with 1920×1080 HD resolution
  • Precise multi-finger ProCap touch operation
  • Aluminium frame in stainless steel design
  • Two easy accessible covered USB ports
  • Easy wiring to machine cabinet through VESA 100×100
  • Comfortable access to all relevant interfaces through spacious connection box on the back side
  • Extra box for PA Dongle and PA Recovery Stick on the back side
  • Rugged industrial design
  • IP65 protection class on front side, IP54 on back side


Machine Control Panel
  • User-friendly and blind operable machine control panel. Especially designed for milling and cutting machines and available in 4 variants: Mill right / Mill left / Cut right / Cut left
  • EtherCAT connected and ready-made hard-wired safety signals for easy wiring
  • Emergency-stop button (either on the left or on the right side)
  • Start/stop and drive on/off buttons
  • Feed and spindle override and spindle control buttons (milling)
  • Feed knob and joystick for axis control (cutting)
  • 12 switches for custom-specific functions incl. predefined labelset
  • All buttons tactile and illuminated, stop buttons elevated
  • Integrated connector for optional handheld PA MPG100 PRO

The PA 9000 Micro CNC is an ultra compact an lightweight EtherCAT CNC. The passively cooled and rugged PA 9000 Micro CNC is ideal for compact machines and for use in cabinets.


  • Hardware ready for EtherCAT Master functionality
  • Rugged, industrial design
  • Compact and leightweight, ideal for small machines
  • DIN Rail mounted
  • Longterm available parts
  • Passively cooled, no rotating parts
  • Long lifetime BIOS battery (min. 10 years)
  • External, easy accesable power-on button

The LW is our most popular control, having so many features for such a small price. The LW can handle the same variety of operator front panels and display sizes as the other models, and has the same 48 inputs and 32 outputs (all 24VDC) and a built-in interface to 4 analog servos (e.g., 4 axes or 3 axes and a spindle). The LW is expandable to 8 servos and to 255 bytes of IO (with external IO modules), and a PCI slot is available for an optional field bus card. The major difference is its smaller footprint. Other differences are a built-in network interface and no internal floppy disk drive. It does, however, have two USB ports just like the L2 and eCNC, so file transfers are a snap.

PA 8000 LW PRO (Professional)
PA 8000 LW STD (Standard)
PA 8000 LW BAS (Basic)


  • Rugged, industrial design
  • Longterm available parts
  • Integrated 24V inputs and outputs
  • Integrated power supply monitoring and state output (Power OK)
  • Integrated CNC ready state output (CNC Ready)
  • Integrated fast memory (battery buffered) for CNC parameters
  • Integrated 4-axis interface (analog output, RMS input) at AN and SDI-AN version
  • Integrated PA SDI-Drive interface at SDI and SDI-AN version

The PA 8000 EL is the most compact system of the PA 8000 series. The PA 8000 EL comes with the SDI interface to connect to the fully digital PA SDI-Drives. Depending on your needs for software functions the PA 8000 EL is available in 3 Models:

PA 8000 EL PRO (Professional)
PA 8000 EL STD (Standard)
PA 8000 EL BAS (Basic)

These three models are available with different interfaces. “]


  • Rugged, industrial design
  • Long-term available parts
  • Integrated 24V inputs and outputs
  • Integrated power supply monitoring and state output (power OK)
  • Integrated CNC ready state output (CNC Ready)
  • Integrated fast memory (battery buffered) for CNC parameters
  • Integrated PA SDI-Drive interface

Less training due to easy operation

Each PA CNC System is equipped with the PA HMI (Human Machine Interface). With this open, browser based PA HMI all important control functions are clearly represented to the operator, so it will work within the shortest training time efficiently and safely with the CNC system.

Fastest Block Throughput

The PA CNC systems are equipped with high speed processors to accomplish an extremely fast “Block Throughput”. Even highly accurate contours with very small NC blocks can be processed without any loss of speed, achieving the highest level of productivity.

Open NC Kernel

The open NC Kernel allows you to realize your own technology- specific requirements. You can reach this by the use of the PA Compile Cycles, which you can program in C or C++. You can not only create your own CNC functions such as transformations or compensations, but also protect your own know-how.


PA 9000 Smart Touch Panel CNC
PA 9000 Micro CNC