Q: Can I repair the control myself?

A: If you have the necessary PC repair skills.

A PA Control is simply a PC in a custom box with some additional hardware.  If you have basic PC repair skills, you may be able to trouble-shoot simple problems, or at least identify what needs a trained technician.  Be advised, however, if your control is under warranty, attempting to self-repair will void that warranty.

Q: Can I replace my MPG?

A: Yes.  If you know which version you have.

The Manual Pulse Generators (MPGs) supplied by MachineMATE and Power Automation have changed slightly.  The following descriptions and photographs detail the differences between the “Old” and “New” styles and show the compatibility of both when used in “Machine Tool Builder’s Panel” applications.  Click here for details.

Q: How do I connect my new MPG?

A: Click here for details.

Q: What is "5V RMS Defect" error?

A: This warning indicates that the 5-volt power for the RMS (Rotating Measurement Systems, also known
as Encoders) is not within the specified tolerances.

5V errorThe specification is “5.0 volts, -0% / +20%”. Note the “-0%” requirement; the RMS supply voltage must not fall below 5.0 volts!  Note also that the voltage must be measured at the 2-pole plug on the 4AXLX, 4ENC4A, or 2ENC4A module, NOT at the 5-volt power supply.  Additional information may be found in the appropriate PA8000 Installation Manual, Chapter 5.3.3 “Setting up RMS supply voltage drop compensation”.

Q: Can I install the control myself?

A:  Yes, in some cases.

If you have experience installing CNC hardware, you may be able to install and connect the control yourself.  We advise, though, that end-users hire a certified systems integrator for this purpose.  They will best know how to install, integrate, and set up the software parameters for your specific system.  Click here for integrators in your area.

Q: How can I get my PA hardware repaired?

A: Request an RMA.

Usually this is done by your integrator, but if you have already determined that a specific piece of our hardware is not functioning properly, you may call to request an RMA at 713.263.9400.  Please follow carefully the instructions on the form we send you, as not doing so can create delays in the repair process.