Fadal Turn-Key CNC Replacement

Turn-Key CNC Replacements

Upgrade your Fadal! 

The Fadal turn-key CNC replacement includes an operator panel with a 17″ touch screen, sub panel with CNC control, stack light and keyboard assembly with mount and touch pad.

Your Power Automation Fadal emulator control has been designed as a fully compatible Fadal replacement. Emulation software replicates the functionality of your legacy Fadal control, while at the same time adding new and advanced features.

The advanced technology of the control enables the machine to perform faster, more accurately and with less mechanical wear and tear. Both Fadal and non-Fadal users, expert and novice, will find this control functional and easy to use.

Fadal Turn-Key CNC Replacement:
  • Installs in hours through plug compatible design
  • Runs existing Fadal programs (Format 1 and Format 2)
  • Behaves like a Legacy Fadal CNC
  • Improves performance and productivity
  • Comes with network connectivity as standard

Make the old new again!

The upgraded and improved PA FDL Control Panel includes all important buttons for a simple and efficient operation and still has the same look and feel of your old control with little or no training needed.

The PA FDL Sub Panel is ready wired and can be easily attached to the electrical cabinet using the existing mounting studs from your old CNC back plane (1060 board).

Features PA FDL Operator Panel:
  • Industrial 17″ Touch Screen Display
  • Keyboard has the exact configuration as
    your Fadal
  • USB Slot
  • Spindle Load Meter
  • Block Skip
  • Optional Stop
  • Light Switch
  • Emergency Stop
  • Rapid Override
  • Feed Override
  • Spindle Override
  • Axis Selection
  • Increment Selection
  • MPG/hand wheel
  • CNC Start
  • Slide Hold
Features PA FDL Sub Panel:
  • Ready wired board
  • Integrated CNC Control
  • Integrated I/O Modules
  • Integrated power supply
  • Integrated spindle chiller control
  • Compatible 1060 board “J” plug connectors
  • Uses exiting axis motor feedback connectors