Higerman Turn-Key CNC Replacement

Tunr-Key CNC Replacements

Higerman PAC Turn-key CNC Replacement


This Conversion replaces the existing, obsolete Higerman control with the latest version of the Power Automation LW Control. The included electronic conversion cards reverse the ‘negative’ digitial I/O logic. These controls are installed on Flow Waterjet Pro machines of the types WJ 1313, WJ 1818 and WJ 2013

Our design uses the existing connectors, software, and Machine Tool Builder Panel to make this an easy and quick process. The control and 1 interface board are mounted on a subpanel for quick installation. A front panel with 12.1” LCD screen and keyboard is included to replace the original, proprietary monitor/keyboard combination.

Because of the turn-key design, this installation can be performed by integrators and end users in 1 day (8 hrs or less).


  • Hardware and Software included
  • LCD Color 12.1” with Keypad
  • VGA cable 2m
  • Subpanel with Control PA8000 LW and Interface Board
  • USB Extension with Cover 2m

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Jason Golly Colorado State University May 26, 2016

The installation has been great! The retrofit was installed fairly quick with slight modifications to the cabinet. 

Most of the small bugs that we found after running it a few times were alleviated by Dave the tech support specialist.